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Art Gallery of Marcel R. Dion
and Alison Sheehan

Artists Alison Sheehan and Marcel R. Dion have been creating a variety of different art objects over more than 20 years. From traditional Celtic calligraphy, jewelry, blacksmithing and stained glass to 3D digital art and digital painting there are not many things this pair haven't tried. art on this site is shown in a gallery format. Links to the artist's Etsy shops are provided for anyone wishing to buy Giclee prints of the visual art or pieces of Alison's jewelry. Marcel also sells greeting cards, t-shirts and original computer fonts on Etsy.


Dream of the Endless
by Mars

The Astronaut and Santa Claus
by Alison

Primordial Fire is the trade name for the art work of Marcel R. Dion and Alison Sheehan.  All art work is copy written in the name of the artists and is not to be used without express permission of the artists.